loose tea are ideal gifts
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loose tea leaves are great for gifts. If you do not have anything else great in mind or have run out of ideas for a gift to your family and friends, you can never go wrong with loose tea leaves. If you have this wonderful products as a gift, your gift recipient will never miss its strong sweet aroma even if it is bagged or wrapped. They will even appreciate it more once they open it and see it with their very own eyes. Your family and friend will always appreciate loose tea leaves. You can always point out the health benefits that come with it, or you can also tell them that they make great kitchen or dining room decorations.

A new BBQ, and the mystery of Dukat
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I was at Logan’s with Seana and Danielle this morning, discussing our friend’s decision to purchase a Weber Spirit BBQ sometimes this year, possibly before summer ends.

I find it a very good idea, but that will depend on Logan’s budget anyway. I hope he can do it, and get his secret love (*sssh**cough*Faleia*cough**sssh*) to follow suit.  ;) Hehe.

Actually, I might contribute to the purchase of a BBQ, because I’m experimenting with some new recipes I found online, and most of them require a BBQ to grill steaks, sausages, vegetables and even bread. :D Ahah! Just the thought makes you drool, doesn’t it? *_* It does with me!

Here’s the BBQ I fell in love with and that I hope Logan will take in consideration:

Excelsior 3 Burner Gas Barbecue inc Cover + Propane Reg by Outback Image 1

Today some of the Primes paid a visit to Robocity. If I’m not mistaken, they were T’rashara, Smokescreen and Dukat. T’rashara is a pretty girl, kind of tall I must say, with a resolute character and an attitude. Smokey is a cute kid, pretty easy going and creative. A real pleasure to have around. ^^ Then comes Dukat— er, I’m not sure how I would define that kid… It’s as if he felt unworthy to be alive.

Really, I don’t know much about him, even because he doesn’t speak much, but what I could see is that he’s always first in line when there’s something to help with, someone to look after or ‘leftover’ chores that someone is too lazy to finish, and he will finish it for him or her.

I hope he’ll speak a little more next time he comes to Robocity, because I’d love to get to know him better. :) I like all the Primes, in general, but this kid is too much of a mystery.

Did I tell you I *love* mysteries?

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